Will Vinton is revered internationally as producer/director of character driven animated entertainment, both for television and feature films. As the sole owner of Will Vinton Studios, he inspired hundreds of talented people working to create award winning animation projects. He succeeded because he has the knowledge, expertise, and talent to successfully produce, direct and manage animated productions from “script to screen”. Will has created some of America’s most memorable animated characters with enormous appeal to audiences worldwide.

Vinton Entertainment is now offering “script to screen” expertise, services and resources to help create high quality, animated movies. More than just consultants, we offer a co-producing partnership that significantly involves the Vinton Entertainment team in the development and production, ensuring projects meet the demanding criteria of US domestic and international film distributors and their audiences. This starts with an extremely well written script, followed by quality pre-production, production and post-production. Vinton Entertainment’s involvement can be as flexible as your needs.

  • Will Vinton and team bring their personal attention to every film project.
  • We bring seasoned writers, as needed, to help develop scripts that are appealing to US domestic and international audiences, and competitive with Hollywood’s most popular animated feature films.
  • We bring the brightest Hollywood animation talent to projects while overseeing production at your animation facilities or at partnering facilities of your choice.
  • We can assist in the overall production scheduling, management and budgeting process including costs related to voice talent, US production talent, music and other considerations affecting the quality of the final product.
  • We can oversee US and international distribution and marketing efforts to reach worldwide audiences.
If you wish, you can own 100% of the film rights and the related intellectual property assets for all markets by funding the entire production. This offers you many upside revenue opportunities while simplifying the relationship between our two companies legally, economically and intellectually. We are happy to meet with you to further discuss the scope of services and options within a step-by-step story development and production process. After fully understanding your needs, we will follow up with a proposal outlining the depth of services, the working relationship and a fee structure to successfully meet your objectives.

For further information about Vinton Entertainment Services, please contact us.